How It Works?

Imagine any game with a leaderboard—let's take Tetris as an example. Now, picture a scenario where every time you want to play Tetris, you have to pay a certain amount before you can start. The bet amount is then distributed among the players on the leaderboard, depending on their final rankings. This is precisely how Loothub operates: you pay to play, and the players who achieve higher scores than you receive a portion of your payment. Simple, isn't it?

How are the rewards distributed?

Game rewards:

The distribution of game rewards follows a specific structure. The leaderboard earnings are typically set at 60% of the bet amount. The remaining 40% is divided among the jackpot, referral, and the house. When a referral is present, they receive 10% of the bet amount, while the house and jackpot each receive 15%. In the absence of a referral, the house and jackpot receive an additional 5%. However, if the player ranks 1st, there is no need for a leaderboard payout. In this case, the referral receives 20%, the jackpot receives 40%, and the house receives 40%. In the scenario where there is no referral and the player ranks 1st, the jackpot and the house both receive 50%.

Jackpot rewards:

The last record holder will receive 10% of the jackpot and the record breaker will receive 90% of the jackpot. If you beat your own jackpot score, you will receive the full 100% of that jackpot. NOTE! You can not win the jackpot with free spins.

Distribution inside the leaderboard

The 60% that the leaderboard receives is divided equally among each user above. This might seem strange because the top players should earn more, but they actually do. Since they are higher on the leaderboard, they get paid more often. Also, the higher the player ranks, the fewer players are above them, resulting in a larger share for each top player. This way, we guarantee that the best players earn the most.

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